Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Apple Watch Series 2: submersible, with GPS and Pokémon Go

If there is a game that has triumphed this summer that's Pokémon GO. The development of Niantic, which uses the known creatures of Nintendo, has been a real "bomb" and millions of users who have decided to try to learn what is able to offer augmented reality. But the truth is that all the good that offers should not hide some flaws you have, as you have just met.

And, the truth is that what happens is important for the proper Pokemon Go Location Hack and other applications, as it has to do with the proper functioning of the GPS, responsible for locating the user terminals. And, therefore, on which the development knows the place where it is and, in this way, if there pokémon that can be hunted in the environment. There is nothing.
Specifically, what happens is that the precision of this component is no longer adequate, so that its operation is erratic and reliability is lost. And besides, the Pokémon GO run in the background, this keeps up ... so it affects other developments, such as Google Maps, which becomes an added problem, of course.

An illustrative example
The logical question that once it is known that this is so appears, is: How big is the deviation and the consequent loss of accuracy? For the truth it is that yes, it has published an example in which the left side you can see a tour conducted a follow-up development exercise without affecting Pokémon GO and on the right is the one that is the game running in the background. The truth is that the fault is more than evident.
 Pokémon failure GO
It is seen that the error occurs with all terminals, since by the time this is unknown, and may not happen as some detected in the game Pokémon GO. But, it is recommended, it is that Niantic is positioned to respect -for now has not done- and in case of actual loss of precision to take measures as soon as possible with an update.

The second new weight of the presentation Wednesday was the Apple Watch Series 2, which will include the new watchOS 3 operating system also available for the first model and includes significant performance improvements. The new watch has the same appearance as the old, which means it can be used with the same belts, but has greatly improved its technical characteristics.

The chief operating officer of Apple, Jeff Williams presented the new watch, that to be water-resistant to 50 meters has a system that prevents the speakers are the weak point where the water can affect the device, using them as a mechanism for expelling water . "We have completely redesigned," said Williams, who noted that now the Apple Watch can be used to record marks while swimming.

In addition, the new Apple Watch includes geolocation by GPS, allowing in a few months a version of Pokémon Go compatible with the device, a game that has broken record of downloads and has led to hordes of people to pursue characters launches this universe created in Japan in the late 90 worldwide. This app for the Apple watch will consider how and where you have walked, allowing collect in pokeparádas and alert you when there is a pokémon close so we can catch him from the iPhone.

The presentation has moved the center of the efforts of the company's luxury sport sector. So, it focused on the possibilities of Apple Watch to record and plan exercise routines, with the aim of winning the emerging market for such services, which have become popular devices like Fitbit. It will also allow contact an emergency number with the press of a button and send a message and location to emergency contacts that are desired.
The clock will have a new screen which has placed special emphasis on brightness, essential to be comfortably used outdoors. It will be available from Friday 16 September from 439 €. The first Apple Watch will no longer be sold, but the Cupertino company will offer a renewed Apple Watch Series 1 from 339 € to be identical to the original but will include the new microprocessor S2 created for the new Watch.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Game consoles, it is (almost) the end?

Today, we took gradually the habit of consuming cultural goods into dematerialized versions. There already had music with MP3 and iTunes (Deezer, Spotify ...), movies and series that appeared on our consoles and Internet Box with VOD and video games began to be available various stores (PS Store, Steam, Xbox Live, ...) into digital versions, and finally applications replay and Netflix.

More recently, we had the right software via the cloud, as well as video games that work, not thanks to our PC, but via remote servers: first on web browsers, then the Box and Broadband finally, with the cloud gaming service OnLive type or even the Playstation Now (former Gaikai). Until recently, Microsoft to begin offering the reality helmet HoloLens increased, which pushes the concept further: its just the opportunity to have a tablet, a PC and a TV in dematerialized version that is offered thanks to increased their reality helmet. At present, it would be possible to consider in the near future, our consoles down to give way to cloud gaming services?

Yes, this is possible:

Devices enabling cloud gaming have already invested our homes: the Apple TV, the old PC (or office), tablets, our old consoles (PS3 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS4 / PS Vita), smartphones or PHABLET, connected TV and the internet Box ...

With this installed base is absolutely huge, actors sectors will be able to touch a mass of potential customers of several million people in J - 0.

The price will also be an argument there will be no need to put 400 euros in a console every 4 years: it will be the service providers who need to upgrade the hardware. For us players, it simply enough with an Internet connection and a device to enjoy games on our screens. In addition, the purchase of a game hardly exist anymore: it will be the location, either a complete catalog of bouquets, or renting a game for several hours. Buying games more concern than those with long life (FIFA, CoD, multi games, rpg, mmorpg, ...).

The internets connection quality are essential to this development, and for the moment, we are not so bad as long in France: nearly 5 million French have fiber and almost 23 million are broadband.

We will have the opportunity to try the beginning of a game, for free, without charge, in less than 5 minutes, while staying on her couch with a green glass canister in hand (a cliché, I admit) .